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If you have played the game, then you must know that Ro Life is a key feature of Ragnarok X Next Generation. This is where players can take part in daily activities to grind different types of materials by gardening, mining, cooking, smelting, crafting, and fishing. To perform this kind of activity, you require enough stamina. Compared to other mobile games of Ragnarok, stamina is usually associated with loots and experience.

In Ragnarok X Next Generation, stamina is needed in Ro Life tasks. The good thing is you don’t need the stamina to earn experience and drops. This means you can do it 24/7 without any limit. In this guide, we will tell you how stamina in Ragnarok X Next Generation and how you can obtain more stamina in the game.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Odin’s Blessing

You should know that stamina for Ro Life is associated with Odin’s Blessing. For those who are new to this game, Odin’s Blessing is a special blessing that helps you to 5x multiply the rewards you earn when grinding monsters like drops, experience, and zeny.

You will earn 1 stamina for every 1 Odin’s Blessings you consume. But the catch is that you can use Odin’s Blessings only when you reach level 23.

There are three primary ways to earn Odin’s Blessings:

  • Staying at the Prontera Square from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily. For this, you can get up to 600 per day.
  • If you can complete Mission Board daily tasks, you can get up to 1,400 per day.
  • You can get up to 10 Odin’s Blessings from event rewards. All you have to do is open the chest called Odin’s Reliquary.

How to earn more Stamina?

To earn more Stamina in the game, you need to turn Odin’s Blessing in-game. Apart from that you also need to fight monsters who are 6 levels higher than your character’s level.

For example, if your character is level 20, you should grind for monsters that are level 26 to 30

The game comes with a shortcut button that helps you to find recommended monsters to grind. Click on Odin’s Blessing icon on the top left corner and select the option Recommended Training Points.

Some techniques can help you earn Odin’s Blessings faster. Look for large or medium monsters and remove them to get additional stamina. You can get up to 3 Stamina for large monsters and 2 Stamina for medium monsters.

Where to use Stamina?

You need Stamina for all the types of Life tasks present in the game. This include:

  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Crafting
  • Gardening
  • Catching Pets
  • Cooking
  • Smelting

Ragnarok X Next Generation is a newly released game. If you have played the other Ragnarok games, you shouldn’t miss this one. Now that you know how to earn more Stamina, you should find it easier to make progress in the game. The more stamina you have, the better for you.

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