Multiple Damage Falcon Build for Hunter

Falcon Hunter Build for Multiple Damage

Now Roxnextgen will give you tips about Archer build that is very cheap, easy but can provide multiple damages which is ADLF (Agility, Dex, Luck and Falcon). that you can try to use in Ragnarok X Next Generation

Falcon Build Attributes

If you want to focus on falcon build, you need at least 200 luck to make your falcon always attack enemy (you can see from the video below, your falcon almost never stay around your head, he will always attack enemy) other than that to increase your falcon damage, you need to add value intelligence and dex also.


Falcon Build Skill

Archer Skill

For Archer skill set, you need to focus on buff like Owl’s Eye to improve your dexterity, Gashawk Eye to improve skill range so you can attack the enemy from afar. You can also increase your Elemental Arrow to increase your damage.

Hunter Skill

For Hunter Skill, Increase your main skill falconry to 10/10 to increase your falcon damage, another important skill is Animal killer to increase racial damage, steel beak to increase your physical attack. Another skill point you can use to increase your Concentration and lightning strike for additional damage.

Marksman Skill

For Marksman Skill, priority skill is Ace Tamer to improve your physical attack, Wild Awakening to Boost beast trigger. Another skill point you can use for Sniper Aim.

Falcon Build Equipment

For equipment, you need to focus on attack speed to increase you damage per second and crit. for F2P you can start using white or blue equipment.

Falcon Build Video


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