Merchant Job Class Overview

blacksmith class overview

Roxnextgen will share a very important article about Merchant jobs class in the Ragnarok X Next Generation, If all of your friends are still confused about choosing a job or are confused about what to be in the game Ragnarok X Next Generation, you can refer to this article.

Merchant – Blacksmith – Mastersmith

All they need in this world is their carts and zeny. In addition to the battlefield, their stall is where their talents can best be witnessed in all their glory.

Buy Low and sell high, setting up stall throughout the world to make Zeny and attack using money, it’s an important part of trading in the game.

A job class is known as “Zeny digger”. This Zeny-producing machine is just right for those who want to be rich very fast. Not only that, but Blacksmith is also very suitable for those of you who often have trouble getting materials to upgrade your flagship weapon. The only class that can use cart and zeny when attacking the enemy to bring a unique experience.

Flexible : [Instance] Relies on the pushcart to deal damage, high flexibility.

Berserker : [AFK] High attack, focused on support skills

Zeny : [PVP] Powerfull, can deal high damage within short time

Atk and Buff Skill :

Midas Touch : Inflict non-attribute physical damage and increase the bounty BUFF to the monster for 10 seconds. When the monster dies, you will get extra Zeny

Mammonite : Consume Zeny to attack and cause physical damage to enemy units

Cart Revolution : Using a trolley to attack a target in a circular area causes no attribute physical damage. You must equip the trolley when you cast it. After learning to increase the weight, the current weight will increase the skill damage.

Savage class : Reduce non-attribute and fire attribute damage, and increase the fire attribute damage caused

Hammerfall : Consume Zeny, hammer the ground to shake, cause physical damage to surrounding enemy groups, and have a chance to stun enemies within the range (maximum 8 targets) for 2 seconds

Cart Hull : Throw the trolley forward, causing no attribute physical damage to the enemy unit on the path. After the trolley reaches the maximum distance, it stays in place (maximum existence time is 5 seconds). If the skill is activated again, it will move towards the trolley. After learning to increase the weight, the current weight will increase the skill damage.

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